Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Penny Pinching Tip of the Week

For my family it is KETCHUP and LOTS of it!!

I hope that doesn't say something about my cooking!!

I found a bargain of the week!! I usually buy ketchup by the bottle. A 15 oz bottle is $2.99.

At Grocery Outlet, they had a GALLON of ketchup for $3.99! With a few bottles from the dollar store and the Granny Shop I have the cost of ketchup down to .02 cents per 1/2 oz serving compared to .10 cents I had usually paid!
Adding it up, that 15 oz bottle would be $25.60 a gallon!
WOW!! That's amazing but then if anyone knows me, the math might be off.
After adding up the amount we go through, it wont be a problem to polish it off. ChaChing:)