Saturday, June 26, 2010

Graveyard Hopping

My NEW latest obsession....Graveyards!
Don't freak out on me now.... hear me out!
I have been doing the thing awhile now and have made the most wonderful friends. Doing research on family naturally takes you to the cemetery because they are not going anywhere, and the info is there. So in my adventures of taking pictures of gravestones I got to thinking 'I wonder if someone else needs photos of their family stones?'

Low and behold there is a website for that too!!
People write in from all over the country and if a stone pic is needed, with in 25 miles of me, I get an email from that person. It has been sooo much fun! Mikayla and I have went to Elberton, Eden Valley, Pine City, Palouse, Farmington, Whealen, Colfax, Steptoe, Pullman, Albion and Silver Creek. We fulfilled about 19 requests that day.

The best part about all this grave hopping is the exercise I get, with out even thinking about it. It's amazing how many miles you can rack up while walking up and down each aisle of graves, looking for that one stone. One downfall tho is that you tend to get a crick in your neck by looking at the stones! So if you are up for a little exercise, and really like history, give me a call and we can do a little grave searching! You feel like Indiana Jones traipsing through some of the overgrown, unkempt plots. Uncovering a stone that has been covered with grass for many years, you feel like a gold miner and even let out a loud "Whooo Hooo- Found it!!"
Nothing like it in the world...well, maybe gold panning or treasure hunting or bungee jumping or..
....well it ranks right up there!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Farm Chicks Show

I just got back from the Farm Chicks Show and ooohhhh the treasures I got!!

A vintage apron, The Farm Chicks Cookbook, a hankie, a pendant (me too Wraylee!), a bumper sticker, a lavender plant, a bar of lavender soap, and all of these B.. E.. A.. U..tiful enamelware bowls, dishes and spoon!! So I really like enamelware!!

I cant wait to use the dishes for potted plants on my patio and for little what nots everywhere!!

I also saw these cute bird baths made out of disc blades and tiled all pretty. I sure would like to make some but where oh where could I possibly find disc blades? Say for example, stacked up behind a shop in Diamond? Hmmmm I wonder where. These were marked $300. Hmmmm.

Something else that caught my eye was this cute frame that could be used for a mirror. I have seen boot tops used to make a purse, but never a frame.....CUTE!!!!
I LOVE the Farm Chicks Show! And if you like this kind of stuff, be watching cuz I think some planning is in the works for the "Real Farm Wives of Whitman County". And no..
...its not a new reality show, right Suzy!?
Its not JUNK.....It's VINTAGE!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Goodbye Kyla Jeanne

Today I had to do one of the hardest things in my life. Say goodbye to my friend, and speak at her funeral. If you know me, you know public speaking is one of my greatest fears. The other one is being naked in public. My pants were a little loose today and I was afraid I would have to confront both of my fears on the same day, but I persevered. My mom told be "Don't be nervous, just think of it as it is the very last thing you will be able to do, to honor your friendship." I clung to those words today but I was surprised where I found my other source of strength. All of the friends, that Kyla held so dear, were in the crowd. When I felt myself waiver, all I had to do was look up and there were the faces smiling back at me. Thank you all so much. I needed you today and you were there.

Kyla Jeanne--Like the wind that whispers through the trees, your spirit is around me. Memories of our adventures together make my heart happy, and keep me going everyday- because I had a friend like you.
It's strange how our lives paralleled each other so closely. How we were in each others weddings, and were the shoulders for each other to cry on for the divorces! And when medical problems began to plague us--It was amazing that we picked up the phone at the same time because we had a 'feeling' that one of us was in trouble. I learned so much about Crohn's disease going to support groups with you and I couldn't of found the strength to deal with my Multiple Sclerosis with out your support.
One time Kyla and I went to her support meeting and we were late, because that's just me. We snuck into the meeting as quiet as we could. It was a great meeting and we were learning A LOT. Half way through the meeting I turned to Kyla and said" I think I have Crohn's disease too!! I get those symptoms and feelings they are talking about!!" Kyla nodded in amazement. When we got up to mingle at break time is when we made the discovery that we were in the wrong ROOM! We were attending the Bi-Polar Support Group!!! Our standing joke, when ever something was going on in our lives was "But you know...we ARE Bi-Polar"!
Recently Kyla and I have been working to reopen her dad's photography studio. We were questioning what to call it. I said "I don't know if it was Confucius or Oprah that said it but if God wants you to pay attention he tosses you a pebble. If you are really not listening he tosses a brick!" and Kyla says "Well it looks like the only thing that will save us is a BOULDER!" And the studio had a name...
...The Brick & Boulder Gallery.

Since I was a sophomore in high school it was YOU that gave me my inner voice. "It doesn't matter what other people think, it's YOU that counts" and " The most important things in life..are not THINGS!" It was then that you talked me into competing for the Miss Colfax Pageant. And even after all of my excuses of "But I am not popular---or one of the smart ones---or I don't have a dress!" I remember your face beaming with joy as they placed that princess crown on my head as I was standing there in a gown that was lovingly hand made by your mom.

It was because of you, Kyla, that I have discovered my own beauty by lessons learned while discovering yours.

Thank you for sharing your parents! I don't know how your dad survived all of my photography questions! To your mom who showed me beauty in art that is considered 'not the norm' and how a little tie-dyed fabric is a beautiful accessory to any ensemble....and to smile everyday!!!

When you asked me to photograph your fathers funeral service, it was a great honor. But I thought you might of asked me to, to test our friendship. YOU KNEW that the Military and the Native American ceremonies that were performed were NEVER to be photographed and were deemed SACRED! I can still hear your giggles as I told you how I had to 'pull up my big girl panties' and stand my ground and say "NO...everything WILL be photographed for the family!"

I remember saying" Quit laughing so I can tell you the rest!!!!"

I think that is what I will miss most about you .....your laugh. And knowing that I have someone in my corner, no matter what! That unconditional friendship only come along one in a million.

So now that you have gone home, say Hi to your Dad for me and keep a place for me, by your side. I will see you again someday, just not quite yet. But oh the catching up we will do!!

So for now, I will remember you......Every time it is still.....and then when the wind starts to whisper through the trees, I'll know you are with me....... my friend.