Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Want to know the meaning of JOY? True love? I never really knew this until today --when I held my grandson in my arms, for the first time.
I know all mothers feel an undying connection to their child but this is so different. As a mother, you have the power or control to mold and shape your child's future. As a grandmother you can only suggest or guide. It also seems as a mother you see the future as lessons that need to be taught and to resolve any conflicts that might surround your precious one. As a grandparent you realize these facts but are able to be there in a supporting role.... But get to spoil him rotten!!
You have done your best as a parent and all the hard work and happy times are now a living proof that is placed into your arms and is called 'grandchild'

It is so strange to see the similarity between YOUR child, and HIS child.

Jamisen 8-30-10

Devin & Jamisen
I was given a gift today.
 Thank you so much to my son, Devin and his beautiful soul mate, Jessica.

Jessica, who loves my son just as much as she loves her own. I love you!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Let's go for a drive

This evening Jim said something that I used to hear my Grandpa say to my Grandma every Sunday...
....Let's go for a drive. 
I have to admit I had ulterior motives for going as I jumped up and said "let's go"! The light and colors were absolutely beautiful tonight and was anxious to see if I could capture them with my camera. Bouncing along on the dusty roads, we visited and joked with each other, in only a way that true friends who have been together for 15 years, could. My man had to confess he had ulterior motives too as he pulled out the binoculars.  I should have known! Deer hunting is just around the corner and we were scouting for a big'en.
We chatted about the farmers in the fields, and even the birds. And sometimes we didn't talk at all. There is a silence between us but not an uncomfortable one. The kind were you can think random thoughts and be at peace with it because at that moment, all is right with the world. How could it not be? I was with my best friend, bouncing down a dusty dirt road.