Sunday, July 18, 2010

Old Photos

I have been doing a lot of posting on my tree and have been scouring the photo albums to match the peoples profile with a picture. Some are funny, historic, and awe inspiring and some are just amazing so I will post a few here.  They are all family photos. Some of them I not sure of names but they are family.

 I am noticing in my tree there are a few nuts!!  

Here is my great grandma, Emily Suess, holding my grandma, Dorothy Harvey.

Headed to town.

Oooops! Didnt make it!! 

And there is something about putting babies on chairs!?

Posing with produce was very popular!
And some are crazy!
Look close and you will see that's my Great Uncle, Karl Suess, In a baby buggy -
behind those  horses!!

I like the silly ones that show smiles and laughter!

Oh, for SHAME!! Women wearing PANTS!
Those are my relatives..... you rebels!!

Photos that take my breath away.

I hope in my collection of photos, my kids will find the ones someday
 that take their breath away, too!!