Friday, July 22, 2011

Pantry Room

My life is becoming a reality TV series. First I thought it was 'Extreme Couponing' but it is looking more like 'Hoarders'! I had made the statement that I should become Mormon and just call it 'food storage'. My friend, Raylene, then pointed out...Sister Wives!!  I'm unsure of what series I will end up on. Lets all just hope for the show 'Lottery Changed My Life' and we will call it all good!!

  I have finished my pantry; aka Devin's old bedroom. I think for a pantry it is a little small.
Never mind the fact that my son is almost 7 foot tall and the room is only 8x8. Poor kid. But I love it!!

Now before you all go freaking out on me......just keep in mind that I bet I have spent LESS that $300 on all this. Not counting the actual shelves, that is a different story!  A lot of it is stuff I have canned myself. The empty shelf is just waiting for corn I plan on canning this summer. If I could ever get my mom here to show me how to use that scary pressure cooker!  My only worry now is it is almost FULL! Where am I going to put the bargains I get later?? Hmmmm Cody's room is 12x14.
I guess I had better wait until he moves out, huh? Just kidding. I think this will do for awhile. :)
  So there you go. Written proof I AM crazy. I can just hear you all...."We knew it all along!"
But at least you know who to call when you run out of body wash!! I have 18. :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I have found her!!!!

Power of the universe is an amazing thing!!
If you put the thoughts out there, and have patience, it will come to you.
  I have been searching for a little vintage trailer to remodel.
 Maybe I could join ?  I have asked friends to keep an eye out for me and they have been great with little leads and hints here and there but nothing quite worked out. Until the other day!
  I was talking to Jim's cousin, Richard Lockhart, and he said "Why don't you get Jim's Grandpa Gerald's trailer? It is parked in town. We towed it in 30 years ago so it didn't get bulldozed into the canyon."
Ahhh Ahhh Ohhhh Ahhhh!   Insert angels singing down from heaven here.
Turns out that Grandpa Gerald had this trailer that he used as a man cave, guest house, storage and what not. I came across a picture of our ranch that was taken in the 50's or early 60's and what do I see right there in front of the house?????
My vintage trailer! The one I have been dreaming about! The one I have decorated in my head, four different ways!  I went to town and looked at her today. I saw past the dirt, dead bugs, and bee's nests. Past the two cracked windows and tattered curtains. Past the funky smell of musty and who knows what from decades ago. What I saw was a shiny, sparkling trailer with freshly varnished woodwork and crisp, ironed, linen curtains. A cowboy quilt adorns the bed, and a blue mason jar of fresh flowers is on the table.

On the front is painted her name....... "Molly" Drusilla........with her picture there too! 
Do you see it, too????? Can you spare some elbow grease? Mine is low.    :)
Thank you so much, Lockhart Kids, for babysitting my trailer for 30 years. 
 She was just waiting to come home!

Drusilla "Molly" Sever Larsen Roth

I thought I should do this post so you would understand my posts that are to follow.  First you need to know an incredible woman.  Drusilla was my husband's grandma. She had led an interesting life. 

When she was younger, she worked for Walt Disney! She worked on the movie, Snow White.
 Oh, if only she had saved some of those artist cells!! They would be worth a fortune today.

To make extra money, she moonlighted as a fashion designer's artist, in Hollywood.
 She also liked to design her own. Here are a couple that she designed, drew, and painted.

Her gold wedding band is what graces my left ring finger and the mate to it, is on Jim's finger.

 Gerald Roth was Drusilla's soul mate. The kind of love that fairy tales are about.  They were married later in life and had not enough years together.  He used to call her "Molly".  That is what most people knew her as. She was known for her incredible artistic talent.

  My granny, Eileen Getz, lived 'over the hill' from Molly. They were friends and neighbors for many years. When Jim & I got married in 1995, my granny gave me a special gift. It was the hand painted bowl that was very special to her and always was placed on the upper shelf. Turns out, it was made by Molly and given to granny as a gift.  When I showed it to Molly she was floored and said " It has come home".
 Jim and I live at the ranch where Molly grew up.

I could go on and on about Grandma Molly and the impact she had on my life and I know many were touched by her 'tell it like it is' attitude and zest for life. She was the true definition of one tough cookie, with a man by her side that would lasso the moon for her, if she asked him to.
 I would like to think Jim and I are kinda like that too.     :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bug's 6 1/2 month pics

What kind of Granny would I be if I didn't share the cutest grandson pictures with you!?