Friday, July 22, 2011

Pantry Room

My life is becoming a reality TV series. First I thought it was 'Extreme Couponing' but it is looking more like 'Hoarders'! I had made the statement that I should become Mormon and just call it 'food storage'. My friend, Raylene, then pointed out...Sister Wives!!  I'm unsure of what series I will end up on. Lets all just hope for the show 'Lottery Changed My Life' and we will call it all good!!

  I have finished my pantry; aka Devin's old bedroom. I think for a pantry it is a little small.
Never mind the fact that my son is almost 7 foot tall and the room is only 8x8. Poor kid. But I love it!!

Now before you all go freaking out on me......just keep in mind that I bet I have spent LESS that $300 on all this. Not counting the actual shelves, that is a different story!  A lot of it is stuff I have canned myself. The empty shelf is just waiting for corn I plan on canning this summer. If I could ever get my mom here to show me how to use that scary pressure cooker!  My only worry now is it is almost FULL! Where am I going to put the bargains I get later?? Hmmmm Cody's room is 12x14.
I guess I had better wait until he moves out, huh? Just kidding. I think this will do for awhile. :)
  So there you go. Written proof I AM crazy. I can just hear you all...."We knew it all along!"
But at least you know who to call when you run out of body wash!! I have 18. :)

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Ann Porteous said...

Wow Carol! look at you! so stocked and organized!