Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where will your path lead?

Spending the last four days, with my grandson, has been awe inspiring. I love to cuddle into the lazy boy chair, book and blanket in hand, and rock him until he drifts off for a nap. As I gaze at his velvety soft cheeks and perfect little lips that curl into a smile as he dreams, I wonder....
where will your path in life lead you?
  Will you be a doctor, lawyer, farmer or a state senator? How big can you dream? When is it in our lives that we come to the point where our dreams crash into realization and we settle for what will be..will be? Growing up we all hear that question....what do you want to be when you grow up? I wonder how many of us answered with what we want in our hearts or with what we think that person wants to hear.  I remember being asked that question and my answer was "I want to be a farmer". I remember the look on that teachers face when she laughed and said "Girls can't be farmers".
 Is it then when we start to question ourselves?
I certainly never heard I couldn't do something from my grandparents, or my parents! Growing up at my house there was never any gender discrimination. The girls were expected to drive trucks and tractors and service equipment just the same as any farm hand. My mom definitely lead by example. She became a union journeyman carpenter and worked at Hanford Nuclear Reservation right along side my dad.   So where in life do the alternate paths come along?
 I hope I will be there for you, to help guide and be your Granny LaLa whenever you need me.
  As I look at your sweet cherub face, I hope you only dream big. Live big. Love big.
  Oh, my beautiful Grandson.....I hope your life's path leads you only to happiness.

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