Saturday, January 7, 2012

Legacy....Diamond Distributing

n. pl. leg·a·cies
1. Money or property bequeathed to another by will.
2. Something handed down from an ancestor or a predecessor or from the past
For as long as I have known Jim, THIS photo has hung on the wall at Diamond Distributing. 
I am sure it was placed there by Carol Larsen Senior (That is Jim's mom). So today when I was at the shop, I told Jim my idea. He said "Just a minute" and ran upstairs.  Down he comes with the actual coat Bill is wearing in this photo!! I couldn't resist so here is going to be the new addition to the wall by Carol Larsen Junior.

Oh but of course I don't stop there...... I have to add a third picture, don't you think??
Cody insisted I have to wait 40 years, like the first one, but Momma's whining got the best of him.

NOW if I can just get my grandson to stand on that step.......... He is almost 17 months old.
I know he can do it!!         to be continued..........

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Emily said...

Great idea Carol. Love it!