Friday, June 15, 2012

Ageing Gracefully?......

Being 'middle aged' has never worried me.
If I was really worried about it, I would have eaten healthier, exercised, and used that Oil of Old Lady  Oil of Olay.
 I am content with where I am in my life. 
 That is, until I have to renew my drivers licence. 
 What is it about this photo that freaks me out? 
  I can remember as a teenager, getting my license, and taking hours to get ready for the photo.  Slathering on the concealer and foundation so that big ol' zit wouldn't show.  Now some 25+ years later, I found myself doing the same thing! Only thing different is: I had to cover the zit on my forehead AND remember to pluck that stray chin hair.
 Seems like the older I get, the more things change back to what they were!! 
Hair color, bangs, weight, smile, no smile......We will see again in another six years, when I have to do this again! 
Ageing gracefully???? BITE ME!!


Kristi Snow said...

I know some of the women in those photos! Love the changing color of the hair (we really ARE related)!

Nicole said...

I honestly think that the last photo is the best one. You definitely are aging beautifully. :)

Terry Danielle said...

Beautiful as always, Auntie Carol. :)