Saturday, September 4, 2010

Almota River Ranch: Keno 'Reeds Parr Scamp'

Keno 'Reeds Parr Scamp'

My buddy was born two days after my birthday on June 4th 2003. He is from the Charley Reed herd from Rosalia. Keith Danielson is the one that introduced us and many others have helped me get to know him.
The first time I picked him up, we headed straight for a Cowboy Up competition! We did obstacles that would make your knees shake! I knew he was looking out for me when we were doing a straight up hill climb and he stopped half way up to stomp on and kill a snake!
We jumped creeks, drug a calf dummy, hobbled, roped, backed down banks through barrels, went through an under the road 40 foot long culvert, and anything else that was asked of us. Well there was that one thing he refused and that was load into a trailer but it wasn't ours and it was full of cow poop so I couldn't blame him!
When I told Keith how great we did, he was kind of surprised. He said " I don't think I have showed him half of that stuff."  I just assumed he had.
Trial by fire and we kicked butt!!
  When it came time to do the Grand Entry at the Palouse Empire Fair and Rodeo, I didn't think he was quite ready so I borrowed horses a couple of years. The night before the rodeo, it didn't work out with the horse I borrowed and I was told "Go get that dun horse and use him for the rodeo tomorrow!"  So with no practice, Keno did the Grand Entry of the Rodeo!
Trial by fire, we kicked butt!
Now... we have had our moments!! When he decided to be a bucking bronc at our posse trail ride! After the 4th or 5th jump and we were headed for the rocks, I decided to bail! When I landed I refused to open my eyes because I hate the sight of blood.  When Kim made it to my side I said
 " Where am I bleeding from? Is it bad?" She was laughing so hard and said
 "You Dork!  That's not blood, it's water!You landed on your water bottle!"

On another posse ride ( I am beginning to see a pattern here!) We were kinda truckin along and tried to pass along a bank that was not as firm as it looked! He slipped and landed right on my leg! The best part was there was a photo of it for all to see, right when it happened !  Then there was the after!
 God I love facebook!!

The latest whoopsy doodle was the funniest one!
I was at a Scott Seeklander Reining clinic with my friends Judy and Amber.  They let me hang out and play in the arena when they are getting their lessons. Judy and I were standing there,on our horses, watching Amber. All was silent, and Keno dropped his head down and was sound asleep!  He did a kind of cough sputter but did it so hard he FARTED really loud! Farted so loud that he took off bucking like one of Sonny Reilly's bucking broncs!!! Scared the bejesus out of me. I would like to say what a horse person I have become and rode that buck till the end...but you should know me better than that!! I dove like Gregg Louganis in the Olympics! I don't know what was funnier--That he actually scared himself with a fart or the looks on every ones faces!! I think everyone came away with tear streaks on our dirty faces!
Trial by fart, he kicked MY butt!

Now Id like to tell you he is a perfect horse and I am a perfect rider.  I didn't think you would buy that!! But we are doing our best. Riding makes me happy and I think that is the most important fact that I seem to have strayed away from lately. It's not the competitions, or the latest tack or new fangled training tool. It comes to one thing.   You+ Horse= Happy :)