Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I like fishin'

I like fishing. I know this seems like an obvious statement from a woman who's husband has aspirations of becoming a professional fisherman, but my love started long before that. I believe it all started with my Granny Getz. When we stayed with her in the summer time there was nothing better than her saying " better go get us some worms from the tub". Under neath the big maple tree was an old galvanized wash tub full of dirt. On the surface of the rich black soil was an old burlap bag that was always kept moist. Under the burlap Granny would put vegetable scraps, grass clippings and coffee grounds. She was a composter before it was 'in'. Peel back the burlap and the musty, earthy smell was better than an expensive perfume! In the dirt was the fattest, plumpest, wriggling night crawlers in Whitman county. We would gingerly pull out the worms and put them in a coffee can that she had fastened with a wire handle. "I think its time to go fishin!" she would say. The hook on the back porch held 'the hat'. Granny's gardening and fishing hat was a big, faded green, straw floppy hat with a polyester ties. She would plop on that hat and cinch up the ties and fasten it into a bow underneath her chin.
Gathering up her rusty teal green tackle box, our poles, worms, and a tin bucket we would head to the Penewawa Slough. Fishing with Granny was great but if you catch a catfish, watch out. Granny was scared to death of catfish. She kept a hammer in the tackle box. I think I learned my first cuss words watching Granny trying to whack catfish with that hammer! Just when you think it was dead, it would twitch and Granny would go again, "watch out, don't let it sting you, ugly big mouth bastards...." WHACK, WHACK, WHACK!

      I still have my pole from Granny. It is one of my prized possessions.
I also have her love of fishing.
 I remember her so intently tying on hooks, baiting with worms, fixing the bobber, and the most important part of fishing....listen. Listen to the birds, the wind, the rippling waves splash on the pebbles and lap the dock posts below our dangling legs. Listen to the mourning doves sing their song that sounds like a woman calling for someone. To this day when I hear a mourning dove, I think of Granny. Oh to feel the warm sun on our tanned arms, and marvel at what a perfect day this has been. If I had only known that at that moment I was creating memories that I would carry with me for the rest of my life, would I have done anything different? Said something I didn't say? Nope, I think Granny knew there was no way to make those days more perfect than that.

I miss you fishin buddy!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I know if you read my bio you are thinking
'blessed with Multiple Sclerosis'? The answer is "YES". Because of this disease I am able to view my life in a way most people only get to when they are at the end of theirs. Let me explain. Because of this disease, I was faced with the query, so what are you going to do? Are you going to sit back and wait for the wheelchair or are you going to do the things you only dreamt about? What is important in life? Money, fame, world peace? The answer that I found was "FAMILY". You don't even have to be related, but your family is the support that only wants the best for you. I am blessed with THE best family for the simple reason they are there for me no matter what!! How many men do you know would step up and do dishes, laundry, and all housework-- FOR A YEAR--and never complain!? After I was diagnosed I asked Jim "Why didn't you yell at me to get off my lazy butt and get to work?" He said "Would it have worked?"My answer was "NO". "Why yell then? I knew you were not yourself. And what good would it do you to complain?" Can you believe the love of this man? And that's AFTER having to help me take a shower each morning because to hold my arms up long enough to wash my hair would completely wipe me out! Now wait a minute-- naked woman in the shower, maybe he's not so pure and angelic as I am thinking!! Just kidding! He truly is my knight in shining armor and thank god that for almost 15 years I am still his princess!!