Saturday, June 8, 2013

Is compassion dead?

Tonight Jess, the grand babies and I were at the Spokane Valley Mall. Enjoying our dinner, I heard a noise that sounded like a watermelon hitting the pavement. I look up and an attractive, slim, blond girl who was about 25 years old, started to fall and hit her head on the food court counter. As she hit the ground she started having a Grand Mal seizure. Her body was contorted and shaking violently. Her two male friends were at her side. One was calling 911 and the other kneeling over her. Minutes passed and the convulsions ceased but she never gained conciseness. Her wrists and hands were bent ridged. They had her on her back so I went over to them to help roll her on her side, which we did. I asked if she was diabetic or epileptic. They both said no. This has gone on for 10 minutes or so. Here is the amazing part. In a food court full of 50+ people, not ONE person stepped forward. Not ONE offered assistance. I have no medical background, other than first aid, but I am a mother. If that was my child on the floor, racked with pain and convulsing, I would pray that someone help them if I wasn't there. This was 'someone's' child. If this had taken place in Whitman County, there would have been injuries from the stampede of people rushing to her, to help. I guess I take small town compassion for granted. It's sad it takes an unfortunate incident like this to open my eyes but I am grateful. Thank you to my friends and fellow Whitman County Volunteer Firefighters/ EMTs/ Paramedics and just caring friends and neighbors, who are always there but go so under appreciated!
As the Paramedics were getting ready to take her away, I touched the one guy friend on the shoulder and said " I wish you luck". The look in his eyes and his sigh of " thank you" was enough to let me know, compassion isn't dead, it's just lacking in others, in the big towns.

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