Wednesday, October 21, 2009


First I whispered.... then I spoke..... now I am screaming and no one hears me!! Where are all my friends? Don't you people see I need an intervention?! me!

It is time, and I will be strong.

I can do the 12 steps.

It is time for a FaceBook Intervention!!!

If I was doing illegal drugs, you all would be there for me!

Hauling my butt away to rehab!

I don't think you all get the severity of my addiction! When I am on the computer, and am kicked back reading quizzes and profiles, I have developed a terrible OCD of hair twirling. So... you say!

I tried to get the cat out from behind my desk chair. It wouldn't move! That's when I remembered -We don't HAVE a cat! It was piles of my hair!! My sisters recently teased me about buying 'bump its'. I guess they are things to make your hair puff up in the back.

I had to confess my OCD! That is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

I know it is heredity because my mom used to be a hair ratter while she was watching TV. But some how she has been rehabilitated and is all better, so maybe there is hope!!

The other thing that is suffering is my house. A couple months ago I was so disgusted with the cleanliness of my home I decided to get in and do a really deep clean. I wanted to chart my progress so I took a whole bunch of before pictures to compare with the after pictures when I completed my task. It is amazing what you don't see when it is right in front of you every day, but in a photo-OMG it was sooo gross. Cant believe I lived like that!! Now, after FaceBook, my before pictures are really not too bad! I miss it being that clean. The Discovery Channel was here and filmed the documentary 'Hoarders' but I never did see em. See..piles DO come in handy!

I was in my bedroom yesterday and got a whiff of something not quite right. Thinking that the dog might of had an accident, I bent down to peek under the bed to see if I could see a landmine and I found the culprit of the terrible arm pit!!! I have not bathed in FOUR DAYS!!! I have gone a couple days before but FOUR!? Do you all SEE the power of this addiction and the hold it has over me? And its not only me. My husband Jim is just as bad, maybe worse!! Don't let it get around but he is involved with the Mafia and Mobsters. He is always telling me about someone he just whacked! And his cover is a farmer! People give him trees, cows, and all kinds of stuff. Must be payment from the Godfather or the Don! I think he is in trouble!

So my friends... I am asking you for help. Help me see the light. If you want to get a hold of me, leave a note in my facebook inbox, or post to my profile, or facebook chat me. I am sure I will get the message! :)

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