Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nanner Bananner

Betcha didn't know I have a twin!

No, not Trudi & Karen, my identical twin sisters

.......but MY twin.

Diana and I are identical......If I was blond hair, blue eyes, skinny, well educated, and six years younger....But other than that we ARE identical. Dontcha think?

Growing up, Diana was my baby.

I was the oldest, she the youngest. I'd like to think that I paved the way for her. By the time she got in trouble for the same thing I did, mom and dad had been already through it with me! I felt I had to be a role model.

But what she doesn't know....is that she is mine.

She was able to accomplish most of all my dreams, when I was unable to. Honor roll, showing steers and winning the Ernie Dippel Award, Miss Colfax Queen, and Palouse Empire Fair Royalty, going to college and getting a degree and a career, and a marriage to a great guy(OK, I got that right but it took me two trys) and an absolutely wonderful mother to a little boy who is definitely NOT being ornery enough!! But maybe Auntie Carol can help with that!!

Nanner, I am proud of you and honored to be your sister. You know... there is nothing you can't do and I will support you, even if its quietly, by the hand.

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