Monday, May 17, 2010


Lilacs are one of those flowers you take for granted as a kid. Kind of like the peony. My mom had the most gorgeous peony flowers but they would never bloom. Little did she know that the opening blooms were the perfect size and height for a little batting practice! Poof! Home Run! I guess its karma because, for the life of me, I can not get a peony to grow. I used to have one, but where it was in the yard, I kept accidentally mowing it off in the spring!

I am blessed with eleven different varieties of lilacs on our ranch. Lovingly planted by Jim's uncle, Frank Sever. And trust me, the baseball bats are hidden when they are about to bloom!

I only wish the blooms would last much longer, but I sure enjoy them when they are here!

Enjoy them with me. Come on out for a cup of coffee, pull up a chair on the patio, and just breathe. Nothing beats the smell of blooming lilacs, after a spring rain,
in the morning.

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