Monday, May 31, 2010

We had a great weekend camping.

Made new friends,and got to stay in the cutest cabin (Thank you Bill & Kathy Motley), and had new adventures. I picked mushrooms for the first time and came away with these beauties. They are called cauliflower mushrooms, I think. Bill said he has eaten them and he is still alive so we are going to give them a try.

Jim went fishing at the butt crack of dawn with Bill Motley and Randy Whelchel. He had a fun time and then got stuck with the family 'crew'! Cody, and his girlfriend Mikayla Spencer, and I all went fishing later in the afternoon. We did have a really good time and the rain held out till late in the evening.

Down at the Park below the cabin, my sister Diana and her family were camping. We stopped to see my nephew Wade. What a trooper! His first camping excursion and he comes down with chicken pox! Even with the chicken pox he has a smile! Later I learned that Mikayla has never HAD the chicken pox and Wade was hugging her all afternoon. What is the incubation period for pox? Guess we might soon find out!

We even got to check out a million dollar log house. It is going up for auction because it is only half completed and the builder ran out of money. It was neat to see so now I have new fantasies for 'when I win the lottery......'.

Oh, Its good to dream!!!

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Ann Porteous said...

Wow that looks so nice! I would love that ... all that NATURE! :O)
Glad you were able to have such a nice weekend.