Saturday, February 1, 2014

Zaycon Chicken Party

Want a new way to have a fun and economical get together? Have a chicken party!!!  I am in love with the company of Zaycon Foods. They have the best products that are farm fresh, and brought right to you!
You order online and the product is brought to a town near you, during one of their events. A group of us got together today and wrapped six boxes of boneless, skinless, chicken breasts. It comes in a 40# box and you need to trim it up, and wrap it into freezer packs. 
  We decided to make it a fun party and used the most awesome kitchen in our local church.  It worked so slick that everyone had a task. Using an assembly line method, two people trimmed, and two bagged into plastic, one wrapped in freezer paper, one used a vacuum sealer, one stamped a chicken on the pack, and some were comedic relief. :) 

As you can see, the breasts are HUGE!!!  No, No, not Mean Jeans!!! The CHICKEN!! 

Here is Trimmer Too Too ( my sister Trudi). 

My brother in law Kirk. The master vacuum packer! 

Mean Jean opening the box.  She moves so quick- she is a blur!! 

My friend Kris, the paper and tape portioner. Her hubby Gene kept escaping my camera. But his labels and artwork, on the packages, will keep a person giggling every time they go to the freezer for a pack of chicken.  

Bobbie bagged the chicken ( and she kept running away too) as did my daughter in law Abby. 
Why can't I take your picture?!?  We had a birthday party for my dad, the night before. Many might of had one or four margaritas too many!!  So none of us were feeling too spry. Hence my missing sister, Diana.  We love and missed you Nanner!!! But hahahaha..... Wanna sell a Buick to Ralph?!?! 🚽

And then there is my Aunt Susie!!   

She makes me laugh so much, I contemplate purchasing Depends!!  The world is a joyous place, just because you are in it, Aunt Susie!! Thanks for making my heart happy!! 💜

 So if you want to have a fun morning, have a chicken party!!! 
Did I mention the chicken is $1.89 a pound?!?  Saving money, stocking the freezer, and fun with friends and family.  In my book, that's the makings for a great day!!! 

Give it a try!!!  It will be in a town near you, soon!  Oh, and they have lots of products!! I have gotten the bacon, sausages, ribs, hotdogs, and breaded chicken strips. They are all farm fresh delicious!!

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