Friday, November 14, 2014

Zaycon chicken wrap party November 2014

Boy!!! Did we ever wrap some chicken!!! We picked up 540 pounds!!! The friendly Zaycon driver, Mike, loaded us up. 12 cases into the back of the suburban. 

The assembly line method sure works the best for us. 

We have our trimmers.... Susie and Janel. 
The bagger Unka Jeff. 

I do the wrapping. Oops..... No selfie. 

Penny was the taper and stamper. 

Sheilah was our rover!! She did a little of everything!!! 

what a fun crew!!!  Oh and how could I forget the 'head boss', my grandson Jamisen!!!
We even had a brief celebrity cameo stop by 'Nekid Beebs'.  But he sure wasn't much of a I mean wrapper!!!

Can't thank you all enough for the hard work. We are set for winter!! The most delicious, fresh chicken and a bargain at that!!! Boneless, skinless, hormone free, antibiotic free, and huge breasts!!! 
For $1.89 a pound!!! Can't beat that!!! 
  To clarify, our order was split between 11 families.  
  Check out Zaycon for your own deals!!! Use carollarsen as a referance code.  thanks!!

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