Sunday, June 6, 2010

Farm Chicks Show

I just got back from the Farm Chicks Show and ooohhhh the treasures I got!!

A vintage apron, The Farm Chicks Cookbook, a hankie, a pendant (me too Wraylee!), a bumper sticker, a lavender plant, a bar of lavender soap, and all of these B.. E.. A.. U..tiful enamelware bowls, dishes and spoon!! So I really like enamelware!!

I cant wait to use the dishes for potted plants on my patio and for little what nots everywhere!!

I also saw these cute bird baths made out of disc blades and tiled all pretty. I sure would like to make some but where oh where could I possibly find disc blades? Say for example, stacked up behind a shop in Diamond? Hmmmm I wonder where. These were marked $300. Hmmmm.

Something else that caught my eye was this cute frame that could be used for a mirror. I have seen boot tops used to make a purse, but never a frame.....CUTE!!!!
I LOVE the Farm Chicks Show! And if you like this kind of stuff, be watching cuz I think some planning is in the works for the "Real Farm Wives of Whitman County". And no..
...its not a new reality show, right Suzy!?
Its not JUNK.....It's VINTAGE!!


*Suzy* said...

Girl you scored!!!! I bought some necklaces for gifts, picked up a FarmChick Tee shirt for me, pre-ordered the Holiday Farm Chicks book (asked for it to be personalized inside ... to the FarmDiva.) LOL I saw all that enamel ware and the price was right. I'll have to post my goodies later on this week. Yes, it will not be a reality show .. it'll be real. It is beyond vintage, it is the real stuff, some of it snuck out of our husband's shops, junk piles and more. Lets have our brainstorming session soon. Definitely Wendy is in!!!! I was waiting to see what you were going to post. Love the boots! I have a list of stuff I'll be looking for at Grannies in Colfax & Rosalia. Now I want to learn to sauter!!! *Hugs*

Ann Porteous said...

Wow I love the bird bath ideas! I happen to have a disc blade bath in my yard right now! It would be oh so neat to learn how to tile those blades though.. I cannot wait to see the Real Farm Wives of Whitman Cty.