Saturday, June 26, 2010

Graveyard Hopping

My NEW latest obsession....Graveyards!
Don't freak out on me now.... hear me out!
I have been doing the thing awhile now and have made the most wonderful friends. Doing research on family naturally takes you to the cemetery because they are not going anywhere, and the info is there. So in my adventures of taking pictures of gravestones I got to thinking 'I wonder if someone else needs photos of their family stones?'

Low and behold there is a website for that too!!
People write in from all over the country and if a stone pic is needed, with in 25 miles of me, I get an email from that person. It has been sooo much fun! Mikayla and I have went to Elberton, Eden Valley, Pine City, Palouse, Farmington, Whealen, Colfax, Steptoe, Pullman, Albion and Silver Creek. We fulfilled about 19 requests that day.

The best part about all this grave hopping is the exercise I get, with out even thinking about it. It's amazing how many miles you can rack up while walking up and down each aisle of graves, looking for that one stone. One downfall tho is that you tend to get a crick in your neck by looking at the stones! So if you are up for a little exercise, and really like history, give me a call and we can do a little grave searching! You feel like Indiana Jones traipsing through some of the overgrown, unkempt plots. Uncovering a stone that has been covered with grass for many years, you feel like a gold miner and even let out a loud "Whooo Hooo- Found it!!"
Nothing like it in the world...well, maybe gold panning or treasure hunting or bungee jumping or..
....well it ranks right up there!!!!

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Ann Porteous said...

I am always intrigue by your blogs, and yet again this one is right up there with the others. Although I do not know how I would feel about searching graveyards :).. you girl!